Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stop Motion How-To: Sculpting

Sculpting is a important part of stop-motion animation because it allows you to portray your model's characteristics. For the most part brick film and toy animators won't need to know how to sculpt, but if you are planning on doing an animation with a clay, silicone, or plastic, sculpting is a necessity.

Sculpting is a skill gained more through experience than through teaching. Although you can definitely pick up a trick or two by watching experienced sculptors, you must work at sculpting until you have mastered the skill. If you have just started sculpting, you're probably still making crude blobs of clay. But don't be discouraged, because if you put your heart in it, you will get better. Every time you sculpt, challenge yourself to try something a little harder. And who says you can't make a great animation with a blob of clay?

Animateclay.com provides a very helpful DVD How to Sculpt Puppets 2 DVD Set, containing a ton of tips and tricks that I've used over and over again.


jriggity said...

Id love to get those dvds...


Jared said...

Hey Jriggity,

Yeah all of Marc Spess's DVDs are really worth the money! As far as movie-making quality, they could use a little help, but the content is A+ all the way. They really helped me when I was getting started in animation. You should try one out. I found the How to Animate Puppets 2 DVD Set most helpful, but they're all really good!