Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop-Motion News: Justin Rasch's New Stop-Motion Animation Short!

Having completed Gerald's Last Day, Justin Rasch has now started work on a new stop-motion sci-fi short. Nothing as of yet has been revled about the story, and it is still to be titled. But judging from the pictures of the models that have been posted, it's going to be a stop-motion short to remember! You can check out the official post on Justin Rasch's blog "Stop MOTION Mission" here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stop-Motion Fun Stuff: "My Baby Just Cares For Me"

In 1987, Aardman Studios made a music for the song "My Baby Just Cares for Me," sung by Nina Simone (in 1958). I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stop-Motion How-To: Books on Animation

There really isn't an abundance of info on learning the art of animation out there (although I'm trying to do my part in improving that). The most useful info is usually found in books. Quite a variety of subjects are available to choose from, ranging from timing to the history of animation. Even books about cell or CG animation, still more than likely include a lot of information that is quite useful in stop-motion animation. Check your local library for books on animation. You can also check out Amazon's selection here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stop Motion News: Marvel's Ani-Movie

I came across this cool product by Marvel called Ani-Movie. Ani-Movie is a simple all-in-one stop-motion animation studio. It was created for 2D stop-motion paper animation, but if you can get a 3D puppet to stand on it, it should work for that too. It comes with a camera capable of connecting to a TV for live feed, movable 2D paper models, an SD memory card slot, and two paper backgrounds. You can check out all the features at the official site here.

This stop-motion setup probably won't work the best for an experienced animator. But for someone who is new to animation I would recommend that they give this a try. Check it out at, or you might be able to find it cheaper on